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The Tongue and the Heart

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

A few nights ago Tim and I had a conversation about prayer and I had expressed some frustration. It seems that when I pray about a specific weakness I have, that weakness gets introduced over and over again and then I feel defeated. Does this ever happen to you? I have inherited the character trait of boldness from my dad. This mostly comes out when I am frustrated or angry and then I’ll say something I shouldn’t have. I was telling Tim that I’m frustrated at praying, “God, put a guard on my mouth and help me to be careful with my words.” Why? Because when I pray this, it seems like I have less control than ever. I then feel like, what’s the point of praying that prayer if it just makes me worse?

Tim’s response to my dilemma was interesting. He said maybe I should change my prayer. Okay, so what do I pray instead? He suggested that I pray for God to show me the needs of the people around me and to help me meet those needs. That makes sense. Last night I was spending some time in Matthew and Matthew 13:34 says,  For whatever is in your heart determines what you say.  It doesn`t get any clearer than that. So it seems that if my heart is right, what comes out will be a reflection of that, therefore I need to pray for God to make my heart right. Sounds like that will be a more effective prayer.

–Alison Lehman

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When Life Gets Hard

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Where does your heart generally go when life gets hard? Are you a glass-half-empty or glass-half-full kind of person? On Facebook recently, there was a story of a couple, Christa and Justin who have had to endure things way beyond what you’d expect anyone to endure. Christa has chronic pain and her journey over the last number of years has been put on a video. I watched it over a week ago.

Throughout the video I was silently begging God to heal this girl and give her and her husband much needed rest. What she and Justin had to go through and still do is nothing short of exhausting, excruciating and mentally mind boggling.

What amazed me the most throughout this whole video was Christa’s and Justin’s faith. Even though they were asked to tolerate and live through the unimaginable they did it with so much grace and still continue to. Instead of focusing on the negative, which was constant pain, Christa chose to use her “feeling well times” to encourage and bless other people. She is crafty so she  makes cards and emails others who need prayer or encouragement. I have emailed with her some and am continually blessed by her positive attitude. Lately when things get difficult for me, I look back at her example and try to remain as positive as possible. I am now dealing with an ankle injury and am tempted to feel sorry for myself but in light of what others endure on a daily basis, I choose to say “Thank you God, that I can walk and that the pain is only minimal” and then I pray for Christa and Justin and others who need God’s grace. Christa has taught me a lot about being thankful in all circumstances.  Here is their story!

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