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Measureless Love

I am coming out of a dry season of my faith and so you might see some blog posts more frequently as I learn new things. Part of the reason I’ve been frustrated is that when I read the Bible on my own I have trouble really grasping I”m reading or it seems old and familiar.  There ARE times when I research if I don’t understand something or want a bigger picture.

Recently, a friend whom I’ve been meeting regularly with told me about an online site, Living Proof. This site has tons of audio sessions from Beth Moore, a lady I can very much relate to. I am on my second series now and am loving my time learning more about living a Christian life and about God’s measureless love.

One session I listened to recently talked about jealousy and how this is rooted in our own insecurity. She asks three tough questions to help you unpack what that looks like in your life.

1) Who are we trying to measure up to?  Who in our lives do we think has it all together and who do we wish we were?

2) Who are we trying to measure up for? Whomever we’re trying to please we are becoming a servant of.

3) Who do we have God confused with? Who is the person we are trying to get approval from?

Trying to measure up to the standards of others is exhausting and will leave you feeling empty every time, just as seeking approval from others will. Fulfillment will only come from God and spending time with him, seeking His approval and measuring up to His standards. Personally I find it a relief that I only need God’s approval. It’s much easier to get.  Here is the lesson: Beth Moore Beth is vulnerable, honest, funny and easy to listen to. If you struggle with jealousy, this is the message for you.

2 Corinthians 10:12

—Alison Lehman

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