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Psalm 33:22

November 3, 2013 Leave a comment

“Let your unfailing love surround us Lord for our hope is in you alone.”

This is an easy verse to memorize that is a great simple prayer. It lets God know we desire His love and can only do life through Him. It is also reassuring to us and reminds us that His love is indeed unfailing. What a comforting thought.

Proverbs 4:24

“Avoid all perverse talk, stay away from perverse speech.” 26 “Mark out a straight path for your feet, stay on the safe path.”

This proverb speaks to me because I work in a high school. I hear perverse speech all day long and sometimes it’s in my head and comes out. Yesterday I was shopping with my daughter in Winnipeg and we were leaving Polo Park. We were walking along the road to cross over the other parking lot and their was a biker behind us who was irritated that we were in his way and screamed quite loudly behind us.  It scared both of us and on impulse I yelled a not very nice word at him. It could have been much worse but what bothered me was that my first impulse was to be nasty back. I was angry that he scared us so badly. Nonetheless, we are to be salt and light and I was definitely not either.

Working in a high school makes it very difficult to keep my thoughts pure and holy. I have to constantly keep myself in check about how I am coming across to others. Even if others are nasty and rude doesn’t mean it’s okay for me to be nasty back. Boy that’s a hard one sometimes. I can handle long lines and other inconveniences but when I get flustered and things aren’t going my way?…I need to work on that. What I find hard sometimes is that I can pray first thing in the morning, “God keep a guard on my tongue and help me not to lose self control,” and within the next hour something comes out of my mouth. I’m still working on this weakness.


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