Living a Balanced Life-New Daybreak Look

Coming September, 2010 – Living a Balanced Life

A Christ centered program for women addressing the whole person –  body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Body – Weight loss and nutrition.

Mind – Wellness begins in the mind. Defeat negative thinking that threatens to keep you in defeat and despair.

Emotions – Develop community with other women to help combat the stresses of life, be encouraged.

Spirit – Develop a personal, interactive relationship with God. We can enjoy the peace of God that passes all understanding, no matter what circumstances we are in at the present time.

This is a program for all women, regardless of age or ability, running from September to April. It runs on Tuesday mornings and begins September 21, 9:30 am with a free Orientation to the program. To sign up for the orientation, contact PAC or Irene Peters.

After this informational meeting we invite you to sign up for the Daybreak year. The cost is $40 for the entire program, including study book and snack. Free child-care provided.

(Financial assistance is available for those requiring it. We don’t want money problems to be a hindrance if you’d like to come.)

For more information, call Irene Peters at 428-3617 or email her at

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