Aaron Beauchamp

What I do for a living: I am a Protégé here at PAC. I also own a plumbing and heating company called A.B. Plumbing & Heating Solutions.
Born: August 14th, 1984

Family: Wife: Beth, Parents: Ken and Susan, Siblings: Mike, Kevin, Stephanie and Hilary

How I became a Christian: Encouragement from my parents
Spiritual gift: Administration and Shepherding


Music: Worship
Artist: Hillsong and Anberlin
TV Show: The Office (I feel it makes it ok to be myself)
Place: The Rockies
Books of the Bible: The Epistles
Song: You Deserve – Hillsong
Movie: Back to the Future (one)
Food: Chicken and Shrimp pizza with extra veggies!!!
Cartoon Character: Winnie the Pooh (been a while though…)
Verse: Col. 4:6 “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.”
Most challenging book I’ve read lately: definitely “Divine Conspiracy” – Dallas Willard
The personal project I’m working on: Leaning Out
My first job: Paper-boy
Most Prized Possession: my Taylor guitar
Few people know that I: Grind my teeth during sleep, when I’m stressed…
Best way to make me laugh: Quick humour, but not the kind that cuts people down…
My most annoying habit: Checking the mirror (please don’t judge; ok you can)
Words I overuse: I’m not sure I have any right now…
The best gift I’ve ever received: My wife has given me some really cool gifts over the last few years.
The best gift I’ve ever given: Romantic stuff ‘just because’ for my beautiful wife.
I would love to meet: Hillsong United Team
I would love to live: Somewhere warmer, but I still love my fellow Manitobans
If I could live my life over, I’d: Live with the understanding of how much freedom I have in Christ.

I’d describe my faith as: Stronger because of the awareness of my need for Christ.
When I meet Jesus I’ll think: “Hey, he looks like me…” (Honestly I think we’ll have a good laugh together and a hug)
I’d appreciate prayer for: Continued support from a strong loving community.
Are you involved in ministry? Yes, the worship team.
What do you enjoy most about it? Sharing my passion for serving Christ
How has serving in ministry added to your spiritual growth? Serving has put me in positions that require more of me than what is there. It has meant that I must ask God for what is needed in order for me not to look like an idiot. Serving is always the next step for someone wanting an opportunity to grow.

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    March 23, 2010 at 8:37 pm


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