Erin Brown

What I do for a living: I am currently in between jobs getting ready to head to the University of Winnipeg in September.

Born: May 30,1978

Family: Siblings Kynza, Sheldon (Tannis), Shawn, Trina (Stephen), 2 nephews Jacoby, Donovan, 1 niece Shelby

How I became a Christian: On May 13, 1986 I attended a presentation of Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames. When it was finished I went forward and prayed with my cousin and accepted the Lord into my life.

Gifts: I’ve been gifted with an empathetic heart.


Music: I like any kind with a good beat, except twangy country and heavy metal.

Artist: Casting Crowns

TV Show: Survivor, N.C.I.S, all 3 C.S.I’s

Place: Anywhere new, I love seeing and learning about new places.

Book of the Bible: Don’t really have one, but I am working on Luke!

Song: I have two, The Potter’s Hand (Hillsong), and Footprints (Leona Lewis)

Movie: Pretty Woman, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, The BlindSide. It’s too hard to just pick one.

Food: Cottage Cheese Perogies, Farmer Sausage, Cream Gravy with sauteed onions, I love Mennonite cooking.

Cartoon Character: Scooby Doo

Verse: Psalm34:18,19 “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted; he rescues those whose spirits are crushed. The righteous person faces many troubles, but the Lord comes to the rescue each time.”

Most challenging book I’ve read lately: For me that would be the Bible. I’ve just started reading it and learning how to understand it better. It’s a work in progress.

The personal project I’m working on: Myself. It is also a work in progress, and always changing. I’m excited to see the end result and what direction I end up going.

My first job: First real job would have been at McDonald’s Restaurant here in Portage.

Most Prized Possession: My dolphin and Coca-Cola collections

Few people know that I: have never dated, and that both my parents have passed away.

Best way to make me laugh: Just be goofy. I laugh harder when I’m tired, though.

My most annoying habit: I worry a lot about everything.

Words I overuse: I’m not sure I have any. I probably do and don’t realize it.

The best gift I’ve ever received: I have two. A) Having my mom come and watch me get baptized when she said she was not coming, due to her illness. B) Finding out a month early and being able to tell my mom I got accepted to University before she passed away.

The best gift I’ve ever given: was changing my travel dates by one week so that my mom could join me on my trip to Florida. Allowing her to have one last major vacation before she got really sick.

I would love to meet: Mark Harmon (favourite actor), Dee Henderson (favourite author), Casting Crowns (favourite band), my future husband!

I would love to live: Anywhere, as long as I am happy.

If I could live my life over, I’d: try to live each day to the fullest, never taking any day or anyone for granted.

I’d describe my faith as: a rollercoaster! Some days are up, and some days are down, but it never stops no matter how down it may get.

I can’t wait to ask Jesus face to face: I don’t think I would say anything. I’d probably give him a hug and start crying. I would finally feel at home being with the only Father that has always been there for me.

I’d appreciate prayer for: my family. Grieving the loss of a parent is not easy.

Are you involved in ministry? I’ve been in the choir a couple  of times, and I’m trying to get into the music ministry.

What do you enjoy most about it? I Love worshiping God and being a part of creating the atmosphere for everyone to worship him as well.

How has serving in ministry added to your spiritual growth? Music has helped me through some really tough times, especially in the last couple months. Being in the Easter choir allowed my sister and I to truly enjoy the holiday by allowing us to worship God and honor our mom.

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