An Amazing Sunday

Sunday, May 24, was not just “one of those days” for anyone connected to the life of PAC.  It turned out to be the day “PAC hit it out of the park!”  As a Board of Elders, we talked and prayed about the “breaking point.”  As you know, we finally settled on 75% of the members ballots cast.  You really came through strong with 88% voting “yes” to the motion to start the biggest capital campaign we have ever tackled.  Now, let me qualify that by putting some perspective on the word “biggest.”  The ‘numbers-people’ tell me that this capital campaign, when compared to the average number of Sunday morning attendees, is about the same size challenge as when a smaller number of PAC folks felt called by God to construct the gymnasium.  So everything is bigger; our support base as well as the challenge.

Some of you might be wondering if this challenge will signal the end of our missions emphasis. As clearly as I know how to say it, no it will not.  The “Down” ministry is as ignited with holy passion as it has ever been and it will continue to detect where we as a church need to be adding our support to what God is up to.  It may be Guatemala and it may be further away and it certainly may be closer at hand.  No matter.  We’re not cutting back on anything.  With our 2012 vision in front of us we’re moving on.  God-sized faith calls us forward and we move forward with faith in Him because we believe that He is up to something very big around here and we are thrilled to be a part of it.

So, “Thank you, and way to go PAC!” On Sunday evening when the paper with the results was handed to me, I was simply overwhelmed.  Someone said I looked “stunned” or “shocked” and I was.

My prayer is that God will help me and the rest of the leadership team to lead this campaign with integrity, clarity, and an open ear to our God.

And now, the month of June is going to be designated as “Seed Sunday Month.” It’s a call to return our Pledge Cards and Seed Money.  And as we do this, you just listen. We’re going to hear all sorts of God-sized stories around us!  Who can handle waiting for that?  I’m getting shivers just imagining what God will do.  How His Kingdom will grow, how our hearts will grow, and how our imagination for our community will absolutely burst at the Kingdom seams!  Who else but God!

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