Playing with Fire

Well HouseChurches!  It’s hard to believe that the “Playing With Fire” initiative  has come and for the most part gone!  What an awesome experience it was to bless the people in the community of Bandung by pulling together at PAC and using our efforts, skills, talents, and abilities.  God is certainly good, and once again proved to us His faithfulness.

In talking to you as the months have gone by, I’ve enjoyed seeing you stretch and grow, as together we allowed God to move us out of our comfort zones.  You know what they say: “What doesn’t kill us, only makes us stronger!”  (As far as I’m aware, no one died due to the running of PWF.) There are going to be a lot of things that come out of your participation that we may never be aware of until Heaven.  Won’t it be exciting to get to Heaven and have someone come up to you and tell you they’re there because of the doors that were opened, either in their hearts or in their community, because of what you contributed to PWF?  I believe strongly it will happen.

What is in store for the HouseChurches for the future?  That’s a great question and we are working on finding some new ideas and ways to continue your growth as HouseChurches.  How can you prepare?  Start to identify those in your group who are gifted to lead, and start to equip them for starting a HouseChurch of their own, or possibly taking leadership of a present HC. In order to meet our vision of 60 HouseChurches by 2012, we’ll need more leaders.

For those of you who are not in a HouseChurch presently, please consider and pray about it, and give me a call or drop me an email.  I’d love to help you find a place.  I could use more leaders, so if you’ve been gifted to lead just let me know, and I’ll help you find your place.

Once again I’m so proud to be associated with you all, as well as the city of Portage.  PAC, I look forward to serving God alongside all of you in whatever way God has gifted you to serve Him.  Fifty thousand dollars. WOW!  Way to go PAC.

—Paul Stanley

To Congregation,

Thanks for putting in a great effort to move PAC in growing a heart for serving.  In so many creative ways, you invited the entire community of Portage on this great journey with us.  Sunday, December 21st was a celebration of a lot of work, effort, time and growth.  I can speak for what I saw in our own HouseChurch. There I saw growth in community as we learned to work together (kids to adults) and growth spiritually as together we ‘served’ people we’ll never meet.

Every now and then this season, run yourself a glass of water and sip it slowly while remembering our Master Jesus who tells us that when we give a glass of water in His name, we enjoy the blessing. (Mark 9:41).  How so? The text doesn’t say; however, you can bet that it’s got something to do with mercy, and Jesus is about justice and mercy.


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