Not Sure It’ll Fit My Schedule

By Paul Stanley

Last Thursday May 14th, we enjoyed watching the Watoto Children’s Choir, as they jumped, danced and sang their hearts out, calling out on behalf of those still without a bed, home, mom, or family.  These children have experienced more pain than most of us will, losing all they know, being abandoned by family or parents, left to fend for themselves.

We saw them act out how someone comes along side them when they’re sleeping on the street, scoops them up and takes them to a life they’ve never dreamed of.  Hope restored, dreams rekindled, educated and encouraged. Loved and nurtured.  What a blessing.

There comes a time when they’re asked to give up life as they know it, and get on a plane, then a bus, and sing for who knows how long, night after night whether they feel like it or not.  “but Paul, they love to do that!  They remember where they were, and how life is now so much better for them!”  “Paul, they’ve been given so much, the least they can do is serve for a few months so others can also experience a bed, education and a family.”

Good point!  So let me ask you.  Why is it that service is an option in our lives as Christians?  Why is it that every moment I can, I don’t willingly choose to serve others?  Why is it that the down ministry has to beg and plead for bodies or when Ed or the likes puts up a booth, the lineup isn’t out the doors?   I wonder…do we forget when we were down and out, sleeping in the gutters and someone came along, scooped us up, and gave us a life we could only dream of?  Everlasting life, a life with purpose.  Christian friendships, friends sharpening one another, yet a soft shoulder when necessary.  A Father who loves me when I act unlovable, a Friend who sticks closer than a brother. A Comforter, that gives me peace when peace doesn’t make sense.

Why is it OK for God to “expect” me to serve others?  Because that’s why Jesus came.  He makes it clear, I come to serve, not be served.  He gave me so much that I need to remember that when He asks me to serve, He’s not out of line. It’s the least I can do.

Lastly, if you are in a place to ask others to serve, don’t be ashamed to do it.  Don’t be ashamed to call people to service, or expect them to do so.  If you are a HC leader, a Ministry leader or whatever your calling, call people to serve God.  and for all of you who do, this is possibly just a refocus for you.  God promises that you won’t be sorry.  Let’s serve God with true appreciation this week for what we’ve experienced.

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