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Graduating from Financial Peace!

A group of about 40 people just finished Financial Peace University a couple of weeks ago and a few of them left comments:

We really learned a lot in this course. I believe the most helpful lesson was about having self discipline to achieve our goals towards financial peace. Great course and the presenter was very dynamic. Thanks, Debbie and Barry Hunter

It is hard to pick one thing that was the most helpful, so here are two things.  1. Learning how to write up a budget and both agree to it was very motivating. 2. Realizing that setting goals and achieving them is pretty rewarding. The whole course offered something insightful each week. Great presentation. Thank you. (Anonymous)

This really was a journey of “Baby Steps” for us. These lessons helped us to gradually learned how to be financially stronger. Now we know a path that can lead us to good things. I have always been interested in how to be wise with our money, but didn’t know where to start. Now we have a plan and are heading in the same direction. We have learned a lot about ourselves and each other. It will be so fun to reach the last baby steps. We’re already dreaming about what this freedom will mean for us and our young family. We’re glad we came. (J & K)

Tim and I thought about this course a couple of times before we dove in and took it. We thought we were doing fine financially and that we were on the right track. We weren’t reckless with our money, so what could we possibly learn? Wow! We learned a lot of things. We are now dumping debt with “gazelle” intensity and will be out of debt including our mortgage, hopefully within the next seven years. We have solid plans and are prepared for emergencies. (small ones for now) We cut up the credit cards even though we paid them off each month. Did you know that the average person spends 28% more when they use a credit card just because of convenience? We are now spending less with good old fashioned “cash”. This course has created accountability also, which is something I needed in order not to spend too easily. All in all, we thought it was great and would recommend it to anyone. The younger you are the better! Thanks for your time, Dave. (Alison Lehman)