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On My Knees

April 21, 2010 2 comments

By Alison Lehman

In my job, it’s getting to the time of year when students and teachers get tired. The sun comes out and it’s warmer and minds start to shut down. Almost every morning on my way from Westpark to PCI, I pray for my own children and any number of students I’ll encounter during the day. The prayers change from day to day depending on what’s going on at school.

The last month or so I’ve been discouraged about my inability to get past a certain short-coming of mine, even though  I would pray about it every morning. You know how that happens once in awhile – you seem to have trouble with the very thing you’re praying about – as if Satan is purposely trying to trip you up? Yeah, well, it was frustrating to say the least. I eventually got to the point where I was crying out to God, “Father, you know my heart’s desire is to please you and not fall into this trap repeatedly, so what gives? Why do I keep screwing this up? Why am I so weak?”

Silence. Not the answer I was looking for. A friend of mine told me some months ago that life was so much easier when she got down on her knees every morning to pray. This thought had been on my mind for awhile and I’m not sure why it took me so long to humble myself and do it, but Monday morning I got down on my knees and begged for God’s help. Well, wouldn’t you know it but the floodgates crashed open and there was relief. I couldn’t believe the difference when I went to school that day. It’s like a switch has been flipped. I realize I still need to be on guard but a lot of tension is now gone from my morning. Praise God!

How ironic! After initially posting this, while spending time with God in James, I came across James 4:10 “When you bow down before the Lord and admit your dependence on Him, He will lift you up and give you honour.”

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