Delighting in God’s Beauty

I confess that I was probably one of the only Canadians who did not watch the Olympic men’s gold medal game when it was broadcast (don’t worry – I taped it and watched it later).  The reason is because that Sunday was a particularly beautiful day, and I went cross-country skiing instead.  Of all the physical activities that I enjoy, I think that skiing is my favourite.  I was also probably one of the only Manitobans who was not all that excited about the warm temperatures over Spring Break.  The ski season is pretty much done for sure now, but I am coping with it, as mountain biking is something to look forward to.  I admit, the warm sun does feel pretty good.

My wife’s side of the family got together in Riding  Mountain National Park for a good chunk of Spring Break.  One night there was a little bit of a snowfall, so I got up early and went for what will likely end up being my last ski of the year.  The snow was sticky, but it was great to get out.  I saw some wolf tracks in the snow as I skied along.  It was totally peaceful as the fog rolled in on that windless morning.  I hope that I never forget the beauty that I was able to take in as I looked out over Lake Katherine.  All of the evergreens and poplars that surrounded the lake were dusted in snow.  Fog was descending, and had just started to obscure some of the taller trees on the far side of the snow covered lake.  Just then, I looked over to see three white-tail deer bound across the trail about 50 yards away.  It took my breath away and I thanked God for sharing His creation with me.

Every once in a while something happens that reminds you about God’s goodness.

A couple of weeks ago, there was an awesome baptism service at Portage Alliance Church.  Five Westpark students, along with a Westpark staff person obeyed Christ by proclaiming their faith publicly.  I was very proud of Taylor Pryor, Steph Chapados, Josh Stanley, Evan van Dongen, Randi Curry, and Chris Bell.  It was great to hear their testimonies of how God is working in their lives.  I enjoyed listening to the kind words of their encouragers as well.  Some of the baptism candidates reflected on how Westpark School had a positive influence in shaping their lives.  That was very encouraging for me.  I know that what we do here makes a difference, but every once in a while I get a really great reminder of how that is actually taking place.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of this school and for being a part of the great things that are happening here.

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