Hitting the Mark

By Corey Willms

Those of you who attended the Westpark Easter Chapel last Wednesday witnessed one of the best examples this year of what Westpark is all about.  The whole chapel was filled with extremely strong performances by Westpark high school students and some staff as well.  I had goosebumps throughout the chapel as the combination of music, painting, poetry, drama, and dancing helped me use my senses to connect with what Christ has done for me through His work on the cross.  It was a very powerful worship experience for me.  I was very proud of our school for many reasons.  I was proud of the effort that so many people put into putting the chapel on.  I was proud of Ms. Pinard for her hard and creative work planning the chapel and working with the students to ensure that the performances would be excellent.  I appreciated the work that Mrs. Zapotochny did with the choir, as well as for her willingness to share her voice with us (along with several other staff members).  I was proud of the fact that we have parents who are willing to contribute to the school, like Mr. Gross who helped us with the sound for the chapel.  I was proud of the students who gave it their best in each part of the chapel, so that we in the audience could connect with the true meaning of Easter.  It was so neat to see everyone working together, not just to stage a great performance, but for a much greater cause, to honour Christ.   In my opinion, that is what makes us special as a school:  our unabashed purpose of bringing glory to God in everything that we do.

Earlier that morning before school started, we had a neat time together as a staff worshipping God and reflecting on the meaning of Easter.  Mr. Cornish and Mrs. Zapotochny led us in several songs that helped us focus on what Christ has done for us.  Shortly after this time together as a staff, the high school students met for a chapel in which we reflected on what Christ has done and continues to do.  I couldn’t help but think again about how privileged I am to be a part of a school where these sorts of things happen regularly.

Now that Easter is over for this year, I think the challenge for us is to continue to think about and be thankful for Christ’s sacrifice on our behalf.  It can be easy to lose focus of this as we get caught up in our daily routines and tasks.  One of the neat things that I was reminded of this Easter was that Christ doesn’t just promise us that He will take care of things for us in the next life (if we choose to accept Him); but that he is willing to help us, heal us, and work in us and through us right now if we let Him.

What will your response to the Easter story be?  Will you worship Christ?  Will you follow Him?

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