Lessons from Children

Last Friday, I led the devotion time for the early years students.  We sang praise songs and did actions that corresponded to the lyrics.  It gave me goosebumps to look at all of those young faces worshipping God together.  I was filled with a renewed appreciation for how precious these young ones are in the eyes of God, and how important it is to treat them well.  It is fun for me to imagine who they will become.  Hopefully, they will be people of great integrity, great spouses and parents and great employees or employers, people who do their best to honour God in every situation and bring glory to Him.

We had the privilege of having the Watoto Children’s Choir come to our school last week, and that was a great encouragement to me as well.  I loved the high energy singing and dancing.  More remarkable, however, was the fact that these children had the odds stacked against them at such a young age as they dealt with being orphaned or abandoned, and now they had hope because someone cared for them and shared the love of Christ with them.  I will never forget those children singing the song “I am not Forgotten.”  What a testimony to how much God cares for people, as well as to the amazing things that can result when we are compassionate to those who need help.

This week, we were also fortunate to have Jenny Reitz from the House of Hope in Haiti speak to our students.  She shared many moving stories about how the House of Hope is helping young people in the aftermath of the earthquake.  She shared a powerful story about two teenage boys who were best friends and how they were reunited at the House of Hope after they both lost their families.  It was amazing to see a video clip of the children singing “Count Your Blessings.”  That was definitely a challenge for me to be thankful for the provisions that God has given to me.

I have had several reminders in the past few days of the importance of treating children well.  At Westpark, we are committed to treating our students with dignity, respect, and love.  Matthew 10:42 teaches that God cherishes even small acts of kindness to little ones, like giving them a cup of cold water when they need it.  Along the same lines, Mark 9:42 is pretty clear that mistreating young ones is a serious wrongdoing in God’s eyes.  I want to encourage you to be compassionate towards the young ones that God has placed in your life, and to use your sphere of influence to invest into their lives in positive ways.

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