He’s Got Your Back

This past weekend it was my turn, along with Tim’s, to lead Kidschurch. When we are on the schedule, we are responsible for both Saturday and Sunday services. However this weekend I was not on the ball.  I felt sluggish and emotionally spent. I suggested to Tim that he could take the lead, but he said “I do that all week at school.” Fair enough. He does!  I am the large group communicator after all, so it’s my responsibility.  (Generally, I really enjoy it.)

So here I am having to give a lesson on love to a pile of high energy kids on a weekend where  I’m feeling like I’d rather hang out in my pajamas and read a book. There was no escape; all I knew to do was to ask God to take over. And He did.

Sunday morning I woke up, not in any frame of mind to be with people, and quickly realized that if I was gonna make it, I’d need a Tylenol. Once I had breakfast and swallowed that down with a glass of water, I told God he’d have to take over for the morning. Tim and I showed up on time and sat in the little yellow room with the other leaders for the morning. I told Kathy I was there physically but that my mind was somewhere else and she quickly realized I would need some grace.

Even though I wasn’t confident of my own ability to pull off this lesson, I wasn’t worried about it. I knew that God could do it for me.  I had been feeling low on energy all morning and wanted to crawl into bed, but when push came to shove and the kids showed up, God graciously gave me a burst of energy that lasted long enough for me to get through the morning and teach the kids something.

I think God likes it when we completely let go and let Him take over. He can do so much more through us when we’re not standing in the way, thinking we can do it on our own.

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