How Great is Our God!

By Alison Lehman

What a fantastic celebration of Christ’s resurrection this morning at PAC! I sat in the sound room with Tim while he worked the slides because I wanted to share the specialness of the morning with him. I enjoyed the various songs and the choir.

All of the songs are powerful and meaningful but one that kind of jumped out at me this morning was “How Great is Our God.”  This song reminded me of something I already know but don’t always do something about.

“He wraps Himself in light, the darkness tries to hide, and trembles at His voice, and trembles at His voice….”

How often do I go through life and difficult circumstances on my own when I don’t have to? Far too often. Darkness tries to hide, and then when it can’t it trembles at God’s voice. When dark thoughts cloud my brain, I often think to myself silently, “Satan get lost, I know it’s you.” The thought goes away briefly but another returns to replace it.

You see, what I haven’t done is speak directly to the lie or darkness out loud, with the name of Jesus. Big difference! God can read my thoughts but Satan can’t. If I want true peace and freedom from the darkness, I need to speak with the power God has given me in the name of Jesus Christ. Singing this song this morning reminded me that there is no power in darkness.  Not only does it try to hide from God’s light but TREMBLES at His voice. Christ’s death reconciled us to God and now we  have God’s power, through Christ’s name, to tell the darkness to leave us. Once in awhile I need to be reminded to use it. I forget how powerful God really is from time to time. His Son rose from the dead. You can’t get more powerful than that!

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