How Much do You Want Life Change?

If you’re a member of PAC, (Portage Alliance Church), you’ve been hearing about Life Transformation Groups. If the term is new to you, an LTG is a group of two or three people that meet together weekly to talk about scripture they’ve read and how life is going. Some groups pray together, some aren’t there yet. Every group is different is some way. It’s mainly about accountability and support.

I asked one gal to join me awhile ago and we started meeting about three weeks ago. Another female called and asked if she could join us, so we added another. We have met three times now and although the first meeting was met with some anxiety and awkward anticipation, we have now settled nicely into a routine of “checking in” with each other.

I was a bit nervous about doing this at first, as was my first partner, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be accountable. I knew it would be good for me but was I up to the challenge? Of course I was! Change is sometimes uncomfortable but many times it’s exactly what we need.  I have already noticed a difference in a struggle I used to have in my job. I am an EA at PCI and last year I prayed daily through the struggle of what was coming out of my mouth at times. When you are in a place with a thousand other people, it’s really easy to get into the habit of gossip or negative talk. I would get so frustrated because I’d pray on the way to work for God to put a guard over my mouth but depending on who I was with, sometimes within the hour I’d be guilty of saying something that was not honouring God or someone else.  DOH!!!

I was stuck! I didn’t want to tell anyone else because of pride, so I struggled alone with this. I didn’t know why I couldn’t just keep my mouth shut when I desperately wanted to. Many days I’d leave work feeling defeated and angry with myself for repeatedly failing. I’ve been back at work now for a couple of weeks and you know what? I’m free. (The majority of the time) :-) I revealed my struggle to my LT group and asked them to pray specifically for me in this area and they have. I have noticed a difference and can leave work feeling good about myself.

If you don’t have an accountability partner, are not involved in an LTG, and would like to grow as a Christian and disciple of Christ, I would highly recommend you find a friend or two and start one. Life transformation happens here. You can get a handle on the things you really struggle with. I have read more scripture in the last month than I have in a long time. It’s refreshing and I’m always learning. When we meet, there is usually something different that each one of us picks out and ponders or questions. Also, now that I know I’m accountable and will be answering to others, I’m careful about where my mind goes.

It’s worth it! I’m so glad I responded to that prompting from God to step out of my comfort zone. Life change happens when you’re doing it with another person, and when you’re deep in scripture. How could it not affect you?

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