In the Quietness

In the quietness of my soul, You are there, beckoning me to come,

To draw from Your spring of fresh, living water.

So I come, and You fill me to overflowing. You shower me with Your love and sweet embrace.

I bring all my fears, doubts, and shame, and You send them crashing to the bottom of the sea.

You tell me, once again, who I am, and You give me Your armour.

It’s then that I can lift up my head with pride in who I belong to—the King, the Almighty, the Father.

Sometimes I come wounded and gently broken, on my knees, waiting for Your hand to tousle

My hair and say, “It’s okay my child, I still love you.”

Then You gracefully piece me back together, Your gentleness like a healing balm and Your mercy That penetrates the very depth of my soul.

You take my hand in Your big Fatherly hand, and we walk together through the mountains and valleys.

When I can’t walk, You pick me up and carry me. I love you Abba. I know I am safe in Your arms.

I know You’ll correct me when I’m wrong, and I know You delight in me always.

You are the Sunrise in my morning, the Joy in my steps, and the Love of my soul.

I adore You and am so blessed to call You Father!

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