PAC has been talking about Life Transformation Groups for awhile now and I’m interested to see if the idea is taking root. Our family was away when they were first introduced but when we got back, I picked up a pamphlet and skimmed over the main idea. It all looked great until I read the part about reading 30 chapters of scripture a week. The number, in itself, seemed overwhelming at the time.

The idea of having an accountability partner caught my interest right away. I have been working at PCI for a year now and have had some tough challenges, and at times wished I had someone praying with me and for me to conquer some of these challenges. God placed a couple of names in my head regarding this idea and I approached someone a couple of weeks ago. The asking part was easy. I waited patiently for an answer wondering, “Am I doing the right thing?” “Asking the right person?” “What if she says no?” or actually, “What if she says yes?!” Then I’ll have to be accountable and that’s a little bit scary. I’ll be inviting someone else into my dark spaces allowing her to speak truth into my life when sometimes I don’t want to see it. Then again, I’ll have someone who’s got my back. I will be at peace knowing she will be praying me through the tough stuff and encouraging me through life as I will do for her.

My friend did say yes and we’re starting next week. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. As far as the scripture and the 30 chapters, it’s not really that much or that overwhelming once you get started. My partner and I are not starting with this much but I am doing it on my own. We are doing the E100 challenge as a backdrop but I, myself, am reading an extra chapter surrounding the given chapter of the day and reading a Proverb and Psalm also. I find that Proverbs keeps me grounded in every day life with wise advice and Psalms keep me praising God. One day this week, I took a Psalm and wrote it out in my own words. It was more meaningful for me because I’m not a king like David and my battles aren’t quite on the same playing field.  He’s pretty dramatic sometimes.

If you are in an LTG and have started, I’d like to hear from you about your experience, if you’d be willing to share it. Please email me at:

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