So Blue

The clouds are rolling around while the thunder rumbles on. It is good to water the flowers and trees to keep them fresh and growing however, the gray skies add to my melancholy spirit. I’m so blue God, my heart is sagging. I feel tired, weary, not at my best. There’s nothing to complain about for I know of Your great love for me.

I am blessed beyond measure, I feel loved by You, my friends and family…yet my soul just feels heavy. I know You’re not far away from me…in fact, You are right here. I can feel You and sense You, whispering in my ear, “It’s alright precious one, everything is okay. Be at peace, rest your soul.”

I long to crawl into Your lap and have you wrap Your adoring arms around me, to comfort me in my distress. Sometimes I just want to weep and have my tears wet Your beautiful face. To be loved by You is so wonderfully intoxicating. It sends all my senses into overdrive. You don’t always make sense God and I wonder how You could delight in me when at times I have a hard time accepting myself.

How is it that Your love can be so perfect? How can it be that you gave Your son for me? I don’t deserve Him yet I love Him to the very core of my being. The sky is clearing, the clouds are rolling away. I see the deep blue sky heading into nightfall and hear the birds singing in the background. My spirit is still heavy but I know without a doubt, sorrow may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning.

I trust in Your unfailing love for me. Thank you Father that I am free. I am waiting with great anticipation for the joy that will once again touch my heart…even if not ‘til morning. When it comes I will shout with VICTORY!!

Touch me Father, with your loving arms and hold me close ‘til ‘morrow. I love You.

By Alison Lehman

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