Who Says I’m Entitled?

Pain! Nobody likes it. I sure don’t. Once in awhile I get to thinking that because I am a Christian, I should be able to follow x,y, z and have a relatively simple, comfortable existence. The occasional cold or flu is expected, sure, but other than that I get to thinking I should be free from the tough stuff.  Says who?

The last few years of my life I have gotten a rude awakening… that I am NOT in control of my health and never will be. I try my best to eat the right things, with some treats thrown in there of course, and exercise (when I actually feel motivated) but either I’m not trying hard enough or God is thwarting my plans. (Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it?)

I have not been feeling well the last couple of weeks, and I don’t mean that I have the flu or a head cold. I have complicated stomach issues that rear their ugly heads once in awhile. Lately I’ve had periods of time, (hours), when my stomach has been on fire. This is extremely uncomfortable.  I get frustrated because I think I should be able to fix this by doing and eating the right things. “If I only take the right pills, and stay away from milk, and not eat fibre, etc…then I’ll be okay.” I wish I had control, but I don’t. This condition I have is not predictable.

I was driving home from Winnipeg today after a treatment that was supposed to give me relief but it didn’t and my stomach continued to burn all the way home. I was listening to a praise and worship CD at the time and the one thing that kept me going as I drove was the thought that no matter how much pain I am ever in, God loves me. I cried a few tears from the burning but I was at peace and decided that no matter how bad it ever gets it’ll be okay, because I am secure in God’s love for me and I will trust Him in all things. No matter how much I suffer physically, I will always know that God is with me and cares for me, even in the pain.

I am not entitled to good health. When I have it, it is a gift from my Father and I will cherish it.  I need to be reminded once in awhile, also, that I am not in control. I can do my best in all things, but ultimately God calls the shots. If I am to suffer from chronic pain and discomfort, then so be it. I will try to do it with a good attitude and with gratitude for the things that God has blessed me with. Which is much!!!

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