Sunday morning Tim and I were involved with Kids Church and we are now in the practice of bringing the grade 4-6 kids to the gym for adult worship. We are at the far right at the front so we have a pretty good view of the congregation. Sometimes when we’re singing a powerful song I’ll just stop and listen or glance around and drink in the glory of God’s people involved in worshiping Him.

There is a song we sing frequently, “This is Our God” that often catches in my throat  depending on the day.  When I think of the lyrics,  “Freely you (God) gave it all for us, surrendered your life upon that cross, great is the love poured out for all, this is our God,” it makes me very grateful that I am deeply  loved. I am in awe that someone  loves me so much that he gave his life up for me and took my sin on his shoulders. Sin is a heavy burden and  the best part is that I don’t have to carry it.

What really got me this past Sunday was the vulnerability of a young man who was brave enough to get down on his knees and submit himself completely to God’s Spirit. “And I will fall at your feet, I will fall at your feet, and I will worship you here”… When I saw that, I was deeply moved and thought to myself, “How many times have I wanted to do that,  just fall at the feet of Jesus during worship?!”  This young man’s obedience or awareness of the Spirit of God moving in him spoke volumes to me and was a beautiful picture of how God touches His children. There is little else as inspiring as seeing another believer melt in God’s presence and enjoy it so fully.

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