You Are Valuable

I work as an EA at PCI and this semester I am assisting in an English class for grade elevens. This class is a little different than your average English class. In this one, you participate in all sorts of exercises and activities.

Today’s class was a lesson on who society “values.” We all got character cards which had information on them about ourselves. Some were doctors, some were carpenters, some were high school drop-outs, and some were grandmas etc. The object of the game was to select five people from 30 who were allowed to go into the shelter to live and repopulate the earth. Each of us had to promote our character and try to get into the shelter because we wanted to stay alive.

The results were pretty much as expected. Two of the people chosen for the shelter were in the medical field, two were young fertile females and I don’t remember the other one. However,  on the back of the cards was information we didn’t have to reveal unless specifically asked. We soon realized that out of the five we chose for the shelter, the doctor was paralyzed, the 16 year old female had learning disabilities and didn’t get along with others, the other female was dying,  one man had AIDS and the male veterinarian was homosexual. Not a very good mix for repopulating the earth, right?

When the activity was over the teacher asked those who weren’t selected if they would have been  a good or bad choice, based on their cards and the information on them. He also asked the question, “Who did you immediately say no to, to get into the shelter?” It was very clear who was valued in that classroom – those who were educated, young, fertile and healthy. Unfortunately when they chose five people, they didn’t know three of them were sick. The people that were passed by quickly were homemakers, seniors, high-school graduates,  the infertile…

The people that were chosen didn’t stand a very good chance of surviving together. They were chosen based on credentials.  Have you ever eliminated someone from your life because of what you think you know about them? Do you value things in people that aren’t really important? I got a little hot under the collar when I talked about my character being a homemaker with three kids. The first thing that was said was, “Nope! No skills.” Because they haven’t been mothers, they don’t realize what it takes to be one. It’s one of the most demanding jobs there is. They don’t know that I stayed home with my kids for 10 years and I don’t regret it.

The great thing about life in Christ is that you are valuable no matter what your occupation is, how old you are, or whether you’re sick or healthy. He has a purpose for you that is unique and individual and He’ll continue to use you as long as you’re willing.  He created us all differently so that we can function together as a whole. If we were all the same or fit into a mold that society cuts out for us, we wouldn’t survive.

Christ created you just the way He wants you. Throughout life,  if you’re actively trying, you will stretch and grow into your potential but He loves you and values you whether you’re a teacher, bus driver, homemaker,  or doctor and whether you’re 10 or 95! You MATTER and you have lots to offer.

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